Nov 132011

Steve Outing wrote this piece over here on his prediction of what the news will look like in 20 years.

Here are my thoughts on the topics:

I hope that digital news in 20 years is smarter than it is today.

Here’s what I mean by that:

I hope that there will be a device that pushes to me only the information that I really want.

So for example, I want to know what’s going on in my neighborhood.

A neighbor posts a comment on Twitter (or wherever) and my device sends that to me. Some information I get right away. Other information is send to my “read later” pile – kind of like Google Reader works now. I read it when I get to it.

But the key is relevancy. What I care about is based on my behavior.

Today I care about the Washington Redskins, but if they don’t start winning soon, I may change my opinion on that.

So because I talk about that (my behavior) this device knows and already starts making relevant suggestions. You may like the Green Bay Packers, for example.

Why? Because I’m already complaining about the Redskins, live in the Midwest and have dozes of acquaintances who like the Packers. And they are good right now.

Back to my neighborhood, though, for example. To get to this kind of level of exchange, it almost has to be in people’s nature to share things. Yes, some do that on Facebook, etc., but many don’t.

So until it’s easy to share and second nature for more people this probably won’t happen with traditional journalism.

So, my prediction in a nutshell:
My device knows me and feeds me what I really want to know based on my behavior.

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