Oct 222011

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time thinking these last few years about which kind of marketing materials work and which ones don’t.

I used to think that specific business cards worked well. That was one reason that when I launched a network of topical sites I handed out site business cards to people who may have an interest in a particular topic.

And that worked to an extent. But then I started to think: What materials do I personally hold on to? (Definitely not business cards, though the size is nice to give you a reminder to check something out.)

Refrigerator magnets are something that I (we as a family) keep.

As crazy as that may sound we currently have magnets on the fridge from companies that I may never need, but if I ever need a service in that particular area my eye will probably go to their magnet first. And I will probably call them first.

So, why do we keep these magnets?

They are useful. They hold stuff (stuff we want on the fridge, apparently) up. And they were free.

— Christoph

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